It’s time to find worthiness.

The Worthiness Well is a life coaching practice and pathway to develop the skills to prioritize self-empowerment and emotional balance to find true fulfillment in our lives.

Finding Your Worth & Building your Dreams through Empowerment from Within.

Every day we are faced with choices that make up our experience of life. Our experiences and journey to the current moment, influence everything from our decision making to our emotions, reactions and dreams. Developing the skills to identify the influences behind who we are; the beliefs that effect our thoughts and how we can choose to fuel our mind and souls by acting on self-empowerment is the focus of this program. As we dive into the topic of creating life we love, we will also look at creating synergetic flow through noticing and revising our paradigms about lack, limitations and, worthiness.

We believe that each and every one of us is far more powerful and contains much more potential than any circumstance, situation or condition. So we can create and live a life we love living!

Together we can make conscious and actionable progress in developing the skills to fill your own metaphorical Worthiness Well.

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Steps to Surviving Stressful Times by Loving Yourself 

“If you advance confidently in the direction of your dreams and endeavour to live the life you have imagined, you will meet with unexpected success.”

– Thoreau

Meet Allison Adamovits

Allison Adamovits is a Certified and Accredited Life Coach and a registered Social Worker who owns the Carleton Place Positive Change Centre, and The Worthiness Well, On-line Womens’ Life Coaching.

Allison is accredited by The Brave Thinking Institute of California; holds Bachelors’ degrees in Psychology & Social Work, and a Masters’ degree in Social Work and is also a Licensed Lay Minister.

She has survived and thrived after Invasive Breast Cancer and a broken neck, because she believes that each one of us is far more powerful and has more potential than any circumstance, situation or condition.

She is the proud parent of three children and 6 “grands’!

Allison rides horses; kayaks; gardens; likes to ice skate, hike and has performed in musical theatre. She is a cat, dog and horse lover and active in charities that support animal welfare.

Women creating a dream

Let’s start Building Your Dream!

Today, let’s discuss the first three, of the Ten Steps in Building Your Dream! My Coach/Mentor Mary Morrissey, taught me that the first step is to; HONOUR YOUR DISCONTENT We all are discontent somewhere in our lives. Your discontent(ment) comes out of your life-force that is seeking to be fully expressed through you. Your discontent is where you feel hemmed-in, closed off and shut down. It’s commonly felt as contraction, struggle, and/or frustration. My training suggests thinking of your life in 4 quadrants or areas. These are your; Health & Well-Being, Love & Relationships, Vocation, and Time & Money Freedom.

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Why The Worthiness Well?

“As a worthiness life coach & consultant, I empower women whose life experience has left them feeling overwhelmed, confused and drained, to develop renewed self-worth, emotional balance and strength to follow their dreams. I’m really passionate about leading women to achieve health, fulfillment, and empowerment to create the life they love.”

The Worthiness Well

Program Information


Overview & Process

  1. Check out our website for lots of free, juicy content, strategies, and inspiration!
  2. Schedule a Conversation with Allison, to participate in your initial visioning experience.
  3. Our dream building program starts with this fun, beautiful, visioning process for clarifying your dream(s).
  4. The proven, accredited Dream Builder Program is a 12 week program with 4 phases (approximately 3 weeks each)

What others have thought

“I am writing to thank you for such care, support, insight and advocacy you gave me in 2015.

After our sessions I felt uplifted and healthier. You also took extra time beyond our sessions to support me further.

You have been a beautiful light in my life,

Thank you,”


“Just because you are someone who is special to me,

Who has been a true friend, proven so day after day…

Even at times when I tried to give up on myself, you refused to let me.

You never gave up; never lost faith; always cheered me on!

Thank you, Allison”


“Thank you for your ongoing counselling, messages and relevant hand-outs.

I know I’m feeling better about myself and others, sleeping better, and starting to acknowledge self-compassion and self-patience.

My yoga classes are steering me in the same direction. WOW!

I can now dream and still remember!

Thanks, Allison”


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