About Worthiness Well

Having worked as a registered therapist and counsellor for over 40 years working with women and families from various backgrounds in the beautiful Ottawa Valley,

Allison is a wellness and empowerment expert. Her dedication to helping people who have experienced any level of distress, trauma and/or violence, to achieve renewed self-worth, emotional balance and security is what led her to launching The Worthiness Well in 2021.

Created out of the necessity in her own community and professional network; The Worthiness Well is both a practice and program that can be shared across the world to help women lead their most empowered, fulfilled lives through developing strategies in generating self-worth from within. The program has been designed for individuals who are in search of a change in their lives who are looking for 1-on-1 support. Registration is quick and the 30 minute initial consultation allows Alison to begin developing an individual approach to your Worthiness Well journey.

Allison has also worked extensively in corporate or group work settings to create positive change in the productivity, connectivity and relationships within teams. Bringing our best self to the workplace or in a community setting, can only be achieved in environments of trust and encouragement, through The Worthiness Well practices, participants can expect to learn how to foster better communities that encourages strength, empowerment and trust through collective individual action and communication. If you are looking to schedule a corporate or group session please contact Alison through the contact form below or send an email at info@theworthinesswell.ca.

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About Allison Adamovits

Allison Adamovits is a Certified and Accredited Life Coach and a registered Social Worker who owns the Carleton Place Positive Change Centre, and The Worthiness Well, On-line Womens’ Life Coaching.

Allison is accredited by The Brave Thinking Institute of California; holds Bachelors’ degrees in Psychology & Social Work, and a Masters’ degree in Social Work and is also a Licensed Lay Minister.

She has survived and thrived after Invasive Breast Cancer and a broken neck, because she believes that each one of us is far more powerful and has more potential than any circumstance, situation or condition.

She is the proud parent of three children and 6 “grands’!

Allison rides horses; kayaks; gardens; likes to ice skate, hike and has performed in musical theatre. She is a cat, dog and horse lover and active in charities that support animal welfare.

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