Let’s start Building Your Dream!

Women creating a dream

Today, let’s discuss the first three, of the Ten Steps in Building Your Dream! My Coach/Mentor Mary Morrissey, taught me that the first step is to; HONOUR YOUR DISCONTENT We all are discontent somewhere in our lives. Your discontent(ment) comes out of your life-force that is seeking to be fully expressed through you. Your discontent […]

Is your Negative Overthinking putting you in Emotional Debt?

emotional debt

I have found Karen Salmansohns’ discussion helpful; Are you struggling with anxiety… insomnia…. focusing… fatigue? Do you regularly feel a lot of anger… sadness,… confusion…resentment? Do small things sometimes trigger big emotions causing blow-ups or complete shut-downs? If you relate to any of the above…chances are your emotional cup is overly full…but not with good […]

Comparison is the thief of joy

“Comparison is the thief of joy”. Theodore Roosevelt wisely observed this. With spring (hopefully) in the offing, let’s resolve to STOP constantly comparing ourselves to others (especially before swim suit season arrives)! It is a useless, unhealthy habit, as there will always be those who will appear better off than ourselves and those who will […]

What if our task is the journey?

task list

Our western society is very task-oriented. This was ‘the new world’; our ancestors came here pursuing change;  to start a new life that was different and hopefully better than the one they had left behind. We are by nature, a forward looking people. We anticipate the next new development, next season,  next scientific advancement. We […]

Three “C’s” and Your “ABC’s”!

Showing gratitude

Think about this: We all only have the same amount of hours in a day, how are you spending yours, because once they are gone, they are gone forever? Let’s try suspending these three ‘Joy-Killers – The Three “C’s”: Erase;  1) Criticism: it will lower your energy and increase your own negativity. 2) Comparison; it […]