“Comparison is the thief of joy”. Theodore Roosevelt wisely observed this.

With spring (hopefully) in the offing, let’s resolve to STOP constantly comparing ourselves to others (especially before swim suit season arrives)! It is a useless, unhealthy habit, as there will always be those who will appear better off than ourselves and those who will appear less well off than us. We also know how deceiving appearances can be, so what are we actually comparing ourselves to? Usually, it’s some faked advertizing image designed to encourage us to feel inadequate unless we buy whatever is being sold. Some people believe that comparison will motivate and inspire, but if the standard is unrealistic or inaccurate, the comparison will be invalid and even dangerous. Besides, the supposedly ‘accepted standard’ against which we are supposed to measure ourselves constantly changes, making achieving it only transitory at best.

Take a cue from nature; let your individuality blossom with the spring rebirth!

The daisy is as beautiful and essential to the ecosystem, as the rose. We gain nothing by comparing ‘apples and oranges’. We are each unique, with different strengths and weaknesses. Comparison merely creates, either a false sense of superiority, or a false sense of inferiority! Embrace the unique, special, irreplaceable YOU, who never existed before and never will again! Enjoy the contentment, peace and self-confidence found when you stop comparing yourself to irrelevant standards, and just be the unique, special person you are.