I have found Karen Salmansohns’ discussion helpful;

Are you struggling with anxiety… insomnia…. focusing… fatigue?
Do you regularly feel a lot of anger… sadness,… confusion…resentment?
Do small things sometimes trigger big emotions causing blow-ups or complete shut-downs?

If you relate to any of the above…chances are your emotional cup is overly full…but not with good emotions!

You might be struggling with something called….”Emotional Debt” an accumulation of unresolved emotions

Emotional Debt occurs when you don’t take the healing time needed to fully identify and acknowledge your negative emotions.
You push your uncomfortable emotions down… and try to hide from your pain.

Many of us are carrying significant emotional debt.

Over time, these negative emotions will either…

Yes, there will be times in your life … just like with credit cards …when you need to accrue some emotional debt. Often when you first experience upsetting events… you’re not in a strong enough place to deal with your emotions

But eventually….You need to deal with these emotions….and give yourself the time, space and self-care needed to reflect on what happened.

Eventually you must face your emotions.. understand them… heal your wounds, and release the pain.

So, how can you get out of emotional debt?

Unfortunately we live in a world that doesn’t promote vulnerability.
We’re told not to cry. We’re told to hurry up and heal quickly, or push that pain away/down inside.
As a result, our emotions can feel scary… and even shameful.

And so Emotional Debt keeps building up …like compound interest on a credit card …. unless, you take time to acknowledge your accumulated emotional pain …and heal it.

Unfortunately many of us simply don’t want to deal with our uncomfortable emotions.

Many people admit ….They don’t like to talk about unhappy memories and emotional pain… because it’s uncomfortable… and even scary!

But you have to be willing to look at your pain… to release your pain… so it doesn’t keep hurting you.

Yes, it doesn’t feel good to feel ashamed… sad… resentful… when you’re taking the time to explore and release your Emotional Debt. Counselling is a safe place to explore and release.

Something really amazing happens when you just sit with your pain… and try to understand its purpose in your life.

Over thinking is one of the biggest causes of unhappiness!
Because overthinking is almost exclusively negative, self-bashing thinking!

Our egoic, logical mind thinks if we rehash the shame, and re-punish ourselves for it, we’ll somehow learn to do better. But learning theory has proved, berating/punishing ourselves doesn’t teach or motivate us. It just makes us feel worse and more worthless & helpless … it actually stops us from growing and getting better!

Please notice your own negative overthinking.

Awareness is the first step to everything!

Rooting for you to live a life you truly love!