Women creating a dream

Today, let’s discuss the first three, of the Ten Steps in Building Your Dream!

My Coach/Mentor Mary Morrissey, taught me that the first step is to;


We all are discontent somewhere in our lives.

Your discontent(ment) comes out of your life-force that is seeking to be fully expressed through you.

Your discontent is where you feel hemmed-in, closed off and shut down. It’s commonly felt as contraction, struggle, and/or frustration.

My training suggests thinking of your life in 4 quadrants or areas.

These are your; Health & Well-Being, Love & Relationships, Vocation, and Time & Money Freedom.

Your discontent can show up in any or all of these areas of your life.

We all have a choice to create our lives by default (life just happens to you) or by design (you are in control) – a design based in your dreams that invigorates and enlivens you.

You can honour your discontent (because it’s the gift from your life-force that can move you out of default mode) by noticing it/ paying attention to it and asking yourself what the answer to that discontent might be.

Every dream builder solves their discontent by asking themselves, “What would an expansion of my life look like?”

Take some time to ponder your discontent and then think about how you could honour your discontent today.

What would the solution to your discontent look like? Do not consider the hows or the barriers, just brainstorm ideas.


As you have your dream in mind, there are five questions to ask yourself in order to ‘test’ this dream.

If you can answer “YES” to all 5 questions, then your dream is worthy of your life.

You are going to trade your most precious, important things for your dream – your time and your life energy, so you want to be sure that your dream is worthy of your life – NOT whether you are worthy of your dream!

The 5 Question Dream Test

  • Would I feel more alive, if my dream came true?
  • Would accomplishing my dream require me to grow?
  • Does my dream align with my core values (which is what really matters to me)?
  • Do I need help from a higher power to achieve my dream?
  • Is there some good in my dream, for others?

Remember, if you already know everything there is to do and exactly how to make your dream come true, then your dream is not big enough or it’s not really YOUR dream (maybe your parents dream?), and you would already have achieved it.


Try running your dream through the 5 question test…….. Does your dream pass the test of worthiness?




This is a challenging step, because as soon as you decide that your dream passes the 5 question test, old, deep feelings of your own unworthiness; feelings that you don’t deserve or cannot have your dream, will come up. They do for everyone.


You may get excited about your dream, but like the gravitational pull of the Earth, your old self-image and deeply conditioned beliefs about yourself, will rise up to convince you that you cannot achieve your dream!


So, when negative thoughts rise up, state to yourself (and any other critics of your dream!),


“Up until now, that may have been true about me. But NOW I’m choosing to move forward one step/one day at a time”


It is not whether YOU are worthy of the dream, It’s whether the dream is worthy of You!

If it has passed the test, then it is worthy of you, which means your life- force (which gave you the dream in the first place) wants to grow into this dream!


So try these first three steps of the ten steps of dream building and check in next time for the next three steps, starting with how to deal with the fear that may rise up.


I believe in you & you are not alone!