The Worthiness Well Program

Who is The Worthiness Well For?

The Worthiness Well program has been designed for individuals who are in search of a change in their lives who are looking for 1-on-1 support in reviving their self-worth and achieving the life they love through pursuing their dreams.

Registration is quick and the 30 minute initial consultation allows Allison to begin developing an individual approach to your Worthiness Well journey.

What You Can Expect

Throughout the program, participants can expect to develop the skills to continually reinvest in yourself in a variety of ways, that address the key pillars preventing so many of us from achieving the fulfillment and empowerment we desire in our lives. Making use of modules and 1-on-1 support The Worthiness Well is a great way to see accountable and sustainable changes in your perspective of self and progression towards living the life you dream of.

Each week is designed to encourage reflection and provide guidance in expanding perceptions around the potential that each woman has to surmount any circumstance, situation or condition; overcoming our negative beliefs that hold us down; facing our fears and befriending them and how self worth compounds and intersects with every decision we make.

Here’s to achieving your dreams!

Overview & Process

  1. Check out our website for lots of free, juicy content, strategies, and inspiration!

  2. Schedule a Conversation with Allison, to participate in your initial visioning experience.

  3. Our dream building program starts with this fun, beautiful, visioning process for clarifying your dream(s).

  4. The proven, accredited Dream Builder Program is a 12 week program with 4 phases (approximately 3 weeks each);

    Phase I) The “Blueprinting” phase, including Defining your Dream and creating your personal Vision Statement. Then Testing your Dream with our 5 point test to help you determine if your dream is worthy of your time, your energy, and your soul force. Then we’ll explore increasing your sense of deserving/worthiness, because as Psychologist Max Maltz said. ‘We can never outperform our self-image, but we can change it! We’ll discover that you ABSOLUTELY can change it!

    Phase II) The “Bridging” phase; We’ll explore befriending you fears. We’ll learn that fears are just feedback. It’s the sign and signal of growth, letting you know that you’re on the edge of the life you haven’t known yet. We’ll explore transforming the sense of ‘lack’ into an energy of abundance. We will also take a deep dive into exploring forgiveness of ourselves and others to free our energy and shift our perceptions.

    Phase III) The “Building” phase, where we accelerate our dream(s) by developing our intuition and listening to our inner voice of inspired insight. We will begin to create our all-important support system and turn failure from a stumbling block into a stepping stone on your journey!

    Phase IV) The “Becoming” phase, where we explore harvesting the gifts of your dream including, that the real gift of dream building is your journey and most importantly, who YOU BECOME in the process.

You will be provided with a Dream Building Program Guidebook.

We will meet virtually weekly on Zoom in a small group of women friends to maximize our learning, our energy and mutual support.

Before each session you’ll be able to listen to one or two audios made just for you by the internationally famous, leading Transformational Life Coach, Mary Morrissey, who has developed and provided our proven program for over 30 years. Your program guide provides weekly lessons and exercises. We will discuss and expand on these lessons, focusing on the practical application in our own lives, of the principles we learn.

Of course on-going Life Coaching support is available even after completing the Dream Builder Program.

Program Introduction:

I offer the proven and tested 12 week success system,  calledthe ‘Dreambuilder’ Program.

The ‘Dreambuilder’ tools and principles have helped me to transform my life in amazing ways and have also helped thousands of people all over the world, over the past thirty years, see amazing transformation in the shortest period of time with EASE and FUN!

In the ‘Dreambuilder’ program we will be working together for three months, focusing on the 4 stages of dream-building; Blueprinting, Bridging, Building and Becoming.

During this program you will learn;

I offer you a private small group (5-6 people) coaching call once per week for 3 months.

Our time together will give you personal support, group support, inspiration, motivation and accountability, which are all required to create positive change.

In addition, you’re going to be working with a program workbook, provided. This program was written and created by my personal mentor and world-renown global thought leader, Mary Morrissey. She has met and worked with the U.N, US. Presidents and even the Dali Lama. Mary is the founder and owner of the Brave Thinking Institute: The Premier Transformational Coaching Certification Company. Where I received my coaching certification.

Doing this work is truly my vision and dream come true because this isn’t about you taking another course, it’s about you transforming your life and fulfilling your dreams to live the life you love.

As your life opens up and you transform, you will not only have a new, life-long skillset, but you’ll be able to use your skills to help those you care about reach their goals and dreams as well. I love how often clients tell me how they continue to use the tools they learned, and how they see results in all areas of their lives again and again.


“I am writing to thank you for such care, support, insight and advocacy you gave me in 2015.

After our sessions I felt uplifted and healthier. You also took extra time beyond our sessions to support me further.

You have been a beautiful light in my life,

Thank you,”


“Just because you are someone who is special to me,

Who has been a true friend, proven so day after day…

Even at times when I tried to give up on myself, you refused to let me.

You never gave up; never lost faith; always cheered me on!

Thank you, Allison”


“Thank you for your ongoing counselling, messages and relevant hand-outs.

I know I’m feeling better about myself and others, sleeping better, and starting to acknowledge self-compassion and self-patience.

My yoga classes are steering me in the same direction. WOW!

I can now dream and still remember!

Thanks, Allison”


“Kindness is a blessing and a gift.

Thank you for everything you have done to help me and my family.

Thank you for your gift.”



“Allison, Thank you so much for the generous donation of your time and wisdom at our ‘Womens’ March Me-treat!’

Together we were able to help 30 women relax and take time for self-care, along with raising $1720, for Lanark County Interval House!”

Thank you so very much for all of your encouraging words and for the ‘hugs’ along the way.

They have meant a lot to me and touched my heart, especially during the hard, heart-wrenching moments.

Your support and ‘cheerleading’, even when I made mistakes, gave me hope.

I’m really glad to have you as part of my ‘team.”